FWF Account and Ballot entry

Welcome to the FWF ballot entry system. To find out more information about the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation please go to the main FWF website. This is a site dedicated to entry into the ballot.

Entering the Ballot

The 25 blocks are only available to eligible FWF account holders (Ballot Applicants*). All hunters must check their FWF ballot account and agree to the Ballot Applicant Code of Conduct terms to be eligible for blocks. Your Ballot Applicant account is free.

NOTE: All current paid FWF members must ALSO check their FWF ballot account to become eligible Ballot Applicants.

*An Applicant is a person who has registered their name for Wapiti blocks and agrees to the FWF Ballot Applicant Code of Conduct.

Check you have updated your account

If you have an existing account, double-check you have agreed to the Ballot Applicant terms (the 'Code of Conduct').

If a party has any member names submitted, who have not agreed to the Ballot Applicant terms, it will not be drawn for a block even if they've chosen one. This effectively means you would have paid for an entry that will never get a block.

It is a hunter's responsibility to ensure they have checked their FWF account on this site. Party leaders should also check with everyone in their party that they have a current FWF account and are an eligible Ballot Applicant.

For more information and terms see the Ballot Application page.

Hunting party ballot entry

Entries open from 5:00pm 1st September 2023 until 5:00pm 30th October 2023.

If everyone in your group already has a valid account, you're ready to create a hunting party and enter the ballot. Choose a party leader as your contact; the leader logs in with their FWF account and enters all party member's usernames (including their own) and all blocks required in preference order.

Login  then  Enter a party

Login to monitor any entry you currently have.

2024 Ballot dates

Entries expect to be open from 5:00pm 1st September 2023 until 5:00pm 30th October 2023.

The ballot will be drawn on 4th November 2023 and parties notified shortly thereafter.

All parties must confirm any allocation by 5:00pm 21st November 2023 and within 7 days of any fill-in draw.

Dates for the 2024 Ballot blocks are:

  • 1st period: 20th March – 29th March 2024,
  • 2nd period: 30th March – 8th April,
  • 3rd period: 9th April – 18th April,
  • 4th period: 19th April – 28th April

Briefings will be held the night before each blocks start at 6:00pm; 19th March, 29th March, 8th April, 18th April. Usually held at the Te Anau Club, but look out for details closer to the time via Facebook.

About FWF accounts

To enter the draw everyone in your hunting party must have a FWF Ballot Applicant account. You will need an email address and your personal information. All hunters must also enter their Firearms License number. For more about setting up FWF accounts, see the Accounts page. For more on Ballot Applicants see the Ballot Application page.

Any party hoping to be drawn for any block must be certain EVERYONE in its party has an active FWF account.

Create account now

Ballot process basics

  • Each hunter registers their own individual Ballot Applicant account.
  • A party leader enters hunters into a party, chooses the preferred block and period order, submits the form, and pays the Administration/Conservation entry fee for all members (NZ$80 per hunter (or NZ$150 per overseas hunter)).
  • Until ballot entries close, party members may be changed.
  • Block preferences and order cannot be edited – make sure you are happy BEFORE submitting.
  • Only hunters who are 'Ballot Applicants' are eligible for blocks. MAKE SURE ALL party members have updated their FWF account or you will ALL miss out on a block. You will also have paid for an entry that can't be drawn.
  • On ballot day, parties are randomly numbered and a random priority order is drawn.
  • If your party is drawn, your block and period preference order is checked and the first available place offered to you.
    Note: If your list only has a certain number of places added, only those places will be offered (if available); other blocks or periods will be ignored, your party skipped entirely for the year, and the next party checked.
  • Parties are drawn until all available periods and blocks are filled.
  • Parties are emailed (check your spam folder) and can either decline or accept their allocation. You must accept and pay the Management fee by November 21st or within 7 days of a fill-in draw or your party will be withdrawn for the year.
    Note: if you decline an allocation you will miss out entirely for the current year.

For more information or to answer common queries, see the Ballot FAQ page and read the Ballot Conditions and FWF terms.