FWF Accounts

FWF have introduced a FWF Account system. This is to make entry easier for you (and us!) and to allow you to keep all your FWF hunting info in one place.

You need register only ONCE. That means next year, you'll already be ahead of the game - you won't need to add lots of information each year you want to enter.

Create account now!

Create an account once

Tired of getting all the information together to enter? Well, good news! Since each hunter creates and manages a lifetime account, all the info has to go in only once... and you can then simply update it if anything changes, no need to re-enter the whole lot.

And as party leader it's even easier to create a hunting party... simply have the username of each member's FWF account – they've already added the rest for you... just make sure you have their username correct.

A note about your username
Your username is important. Make sure you keep a note of it - it is used to add you to a hunting party so you can be entered into the ballot. You'd hate to get it wrong and miss out!

What do I need to create my account?

To create your FWF Account you will need:

  • Your name 
  • Your physical address
  • Your email address 
  • Your date of birth
  • A photo of yourself to upload for ID 
  • Some details about your next of kin in case of emergency, and
  • Your firearms license number. 

Changed your email or forgot your account details?

Don't worry - simply send us an email with the last email address you remember using, your name, and DOB, and we'll get things sorted for you... just don't leave it till the last minute! You should also include any other information that will help us find you.

Password problems?

Simple - just click here and enter your account's email address... we'll send you a one-time login so you can update your password (or enter a new one if you didn't get that far).