Ballot Membership

What is a Ballot Member?

From the 2021 ballot, FWF is introducing member-only Ballot Member blocks. To be eligible for these blocks in the core area you will need to update your FWF account and agree to the Ballot Member terms. ALL members of a party will need to do this regardless of whether they also have full, paid FWF Membership (which is separate to Ballot Membership).

Ballot Membership is free and you only need to update your account once.

Non-members miss out on member-only blocks

You must note that without updating your account you AND ALL YOUR PARTY will miss out on any blocks that are in the core area (the member-only blocks) as well as the extra period 4 draw, even if chosen.

You should also note that should you lose or decline Ballot Membership at any time, you AND ALL YOUR PARTY will not be eligible for those core blocks.

Ballot Members agree to

As a Ballot Member you agree to the following terms – a 'code of conduct':

  1. All rubbish must be carried out of the Park.
  2. Bird data return must be filled in and returned.
  3. Correctly filled out kill returns.
  4. Correct identification data of kills must be returned including head measurements and photo.
  5. All kills must be loaded to the Kill app.
  6. All live animals must be loaded to Live animal app.

Failure to follow these codes of conduct will result in loss of Ballot Membership as determined by the FWF committee. This loss of membership may also include ALL those in your party.

How do I become a Ballot member?

Becoming a Ballot Member is simply a case of updating your FWF Account profile by agreeing to the terms of Membership (as above).

Visit "My account" and use the "Edit" tab to update your profile. If you're stuck, watch this short video.

Remember, Ballot Membership is not related to full FWF Membership.