Change the members of a party

Changing one or more party members.

Note: Party members changes are only at the discretion of the FWF committee and will take a number of days to process. Your request will be sent to the committee for approval and, should this be granted, FWF will update your party entry.


Please use the form below to request a change to your party members. NOTE: YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO SEE/USE THE FORM.

1. Ensure the replacement hunter(s) have their own FWF Account and make a note of their user-name.

2. Fill in the form below and add to your cart. (Make sure you have the right number of hunters you're swapping!)

3. Go to your Cart and Check-out using your credit card to make payment.

4. Assuming everything is OK, FWF will update your party. (This is likely to take a few days.)

Please note there is a non-refundable $100 admin fee per name change; swapping one party member for another would be $100, swapping two members for two others would be $200.

Until complete payment has been received no changes will be made - this means that if you have an outstanding amount prior to your allocated block opening the WHOLE PARTY will be turned away.

Only the hunters listed in your party on this site will be able to hunt.


Enter the Ballot Entry ID.
This was included in the confimation email you received after completing the ballot entry
It can also be found by selecting 'Ballot entry' tab under the 'My Account' display
Hunter (user names) to remove Order
The username(s) of the hunter(s) that is(are) to be removed from the party.
Hunter (user names) to add Order
The hunter(s) to add IN PLACE OF those removed. This MUST match the number being removed.

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