Terms and Conditions

The Fiordland Wapiti Foundation ballot draw system is automated. Hunters are now responsible for entering their own information, block choice and preference direct into the system. The FWF have gone to considerable lengths and expense to achieve a process that does not allow for draw or allocation errors based on this information. We look forward to a smooth ballot draw and wish all hunters good luck.

Ballot Terms and Conditions:

Once a year the Fiordland Wapiti Area is divided into hunting blocks and balloted for the bugle period. Applications for a block must be made on the official application form, available on this website.

- Ballot Application for the 2023 bugle is available from midnight (00:01) 1st October 2022 until 5:00pm 30th November 2022. Applications must be received by 5:00pm on 30th November 2022.

- The ballot will be drawn on 1st December 2022. Applicants will be notified by email of the result of the ballot as soon as possible.

- Successful parties must confirm their intention to take up their hunting blocks by 5:00pm 21st December 2022.

- Vacancies as a result of cancellations will be allocated by sub-draws to fill in any ballot block allocation left empty on a 7 day rotation. Phone bookings will not be accepted. If you are lucky and get a spot in one of these fill-in draws you will have no more than 7 days to accept and pay for your allocation.

- Any unallocated blocks left 15 days prior to the start of the 1st ballot opening day will be offered to all ballot entries by email. First in first served bases. After that any remaining block with be reallocated at the committee’s discretion.

- Only ONE application will be accepted from each party and individual names may only appear on one application. Any form of duplication will result in disqualification. No member of a party can be changed unless with prior approval from the ballot committee.

- The Administration/Conservation payment for entry into the ballot is deemed a donation to FWF and is non-refundable. No refunds will be made.

- Allocated blocks attract a Management Fee to confirm acceptance.

Current fees per party member are:

Ballot Administration/Conservation fee - per NZ resident: $80, per Non-NZ resident: $150
Management Fee (if successful in ballot) - per NZ resident: $150, per Non-NZ resident: $600

- The Wapiti Area is closed for all hunting from 1st February until the start of the first ballot period each year and closed for helicopter wild animal recovery until 30th April.

- The Wapiti Core area is closed for Hunting from the 31st December to the start of the first period Wapiti ballot

- ALL members of a party will need to have an FWF Account regardless of whether they also have full, paid FWF Membership.

- Without having an account YOU AND ALL YOUR PARTY will miss out on any blocks that are in the draw. Any non-ballot-applicants = WHOLE party ineligible. FWF paid Membership is entirely separate.

Ballot Applicants agree to:

As a Ballot Applicant you agree to the following terms – a 'code of conduct':

  1. All rubbish must be carried out of the Park.
  2. Bird data return must be filled in and returned.
  3. Correctly filled out kill returns.
  4. Correct identification data of kills must be returned including head measurements and photo.
  5. All kills must be loaded to the Kill app.
  6. All live animals must be loaded to Live animal app.

Failure to follow these codes of conduct will result in loss of Ballot eligibility as determined by the FWF committee. This loss of eligibility may also include ALL those in your party.

Block Conditions:

There are 25 blocks in the Wapiti Area. Boundaries are defined on the block map on the main FWF website.

A maximum of six hunters will be permitted on a block at any one time. This can consist of separate parties of two hunters plus four hunters, or one party of six hunters. Parties of three, five and solo hunting applications will be declined.

Blocks are numbered 1 - 25. Please note that most of these blocks are in the​ Glaisnock Wilderness Area and are therefore subject to restricted conditions relating to aircraft. No aircraft landings are permitted above mean high water mark, and supply drops from aircraft are not permitted within the Wilderness Area. This also includes the northern sector of block 19.

Blocks falling outside the​ Glaisnock Wilderness Area area are: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23.


Successful parties must confirm their intention to take up their hunting blocks within 21 days of main draw or 7 days of fill-in draw or the block will be offered for reallocation to unsuccessful balloter's. Only parties entered in the ballot will be entitled to reallocated blocks.

Hunting permits will be pre-written and issued at the briefing. Only hunters confirmed for the bugle will be allowed to pick up and sign for their permits. Late changes or additions may not be accepted.

Special circumstances will be considered by the Wapiti Ballot Committee. All hunters will need to provide proof of identification.

Additional Notes:

The Wapiti Ballot Committee reserve the right to refuse entry into the ballot of any applications which could be deemed to be seen as unfair or disadvantaging other bona fide applications. All sections of the application must be completed clearly and correctly.

Please note: you may be contacted by collect phone call at LATE NOTICE. Applications drawn via preferred blocks as listed on a party's ballot entry form only.

Disclaimer: The committee have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible and are not subject to correspondence once the ballot is drawn. Any indiscretions are not the fault of the FWF or those involved.

Basic Wapiti Hunter's rules:

The following rules apply to the FWF Ballot. By entering the ballot, all party members agree to abide by them.

  1. The party leader is responsible for their party’s actions. All communication to the FWF is to be made by the party leader. All communication by the FWF will be made directly to the party leader.
  2. Hunters' names must appear on one ballot application only. Any repeat of names on ballots and all ballots with that repeated name will be cancelled.
  3. A ballot winner cannot swap their name to another winning ballot.
  4. A ballot winning party can only change 50% of the ballot. Example - if the ballot party is two people only one name can be changed.
  5. Any changes to a ballot party after the ballot is drawn will incur a charge of $100 per change. Any changes must be approved by the committee. Administration leading up to start of ballot is very time consuming.
  6. All party members must attend the Wapiti briefings. Failing to attend briefings will result in cancellation of future ballots.
  7. Hunters are to report sightings of shot animals and live animals (females or males, regardless of species). These are to be entered into the Wapiti app.
  8. Hunters are to report signings of native birds (whio, kea, falcons, kaka, kiwi, weka, rock wren, kakapo, takahe). These are to be entered into the Wapiti App.
  9. Hunters must carry their own rubbish out and are encouraged to pick up or report other rubbish seen in the park.
  10. Hunters are to remove left side of the lower jaws and them hand into the FWF. This is from every animal shot. Female or male, Red deer or Wapiti.
  11. Hunters are to provide a clear photo of their shot animals, clearly showing antlers. If female, clearly showing head. These are to be entered into the Wapiti app.
  12. Breaches of the rules. Normal stand down period is two Wapiti ballots. The decision to stand down a hunter will be made by the FWF committee only after discussion with the party leader or individual hunter concerned. Communication will be made in writing only and will come from or on behalf of the FWF secretary. The committee do take the “fair and reasonable” approach so exceptional circumstances will be considered.

Safety in the Wapiti blocks

Most hunting areas Fiordland are isolated, rugged and exposed to high winds, and freezing conditions. There may be few formed or marked tracks and maintained routes. We are in Fiordland so we shouldn't need to remind you that weather conditions in our park are changeable.

Remember to:

  • Take an adequate wind and waterproof jacket and wear layers of clothing that can be taken off or on as you need. Always carry enough clothes for cold conditions
  • Take ample high-energy food, drinking water, map, compass or GPS and a first aid kit. Take a phone but be aware that you will not get mobile phone coverage everywhere in our Wapiti area (extremely limited coverage). We recommend carrying an emergency locator beacon
  • Do not attempt to cross flooded streams. Be prepared to wait if conditions become dangerous
  • Let someone know where you are going and possible potential routes you are wanting to travel while in Fiordland
  • Check weather forecasts before attempting dangerous terrain

The FWF is not responsible for your safety in the wapiti blocks, safety is the responsibility of those using the wapiti blocks, please be safe.


In accordance with the Privacy Act, you agree to have your name made available to other hunting parties who may have adjacent or same hunting block before or after you, for the purpose of coordination of transportation or to be used as is seen appropriate by the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation.