Step 1: Ballot block terms and safety

Ballot block allocation acceptance - step one

Wapiti Ballot Terms and Conditions.

Hunters: please ensure you read and understand the following terms and conditions before proceeding to the acceptance form. Failing to abide by these terms and conditions could lead to ALL of your party being removed from future ballots for the following two to five years.

  1. Permits: All permits and data documentation must be fully filled in, including Kea, Whio and other requested information and must be true and correct and be returned to the FWF no later than the 1st of May following your hunt.

  2. Jaws: Jaws from all animals shot (female or males, red deer or Wapiti) must be returned to the FWF in a clean and hygienic condition by the 1st of May following your hunt.

  3. Males shot: A clear photo of males head and antlers must accompany the Jaw and be sent to the FWF by the 1st of May following your hunt.

  4. Antlers: True and correct measurements of antlers length and spread and number of points from all males shot must be sent to the FWF by the 1st of May following your hunt.

  5. Returned data: All data sent for males, photos, jaws and measurements must match individual animal they were taken from.

  6. Rubbish: You take it in, YOU bring it out. Failing to do so will see all party members removed from future ballots for up to 5 years.

Health and Safety

  1. FWF recommends that you carry one or all of the following. A PLB, Mountain Radio, Satellite Phone

  2. NZ's emergency number is 111.

  3. What is an emergency? Make sure you understand what warrants an emergency and how to deal with it. 

  4. Safety Around helicopters please go to CAA

  5. To help plan your trip and keep you and your party safe go to-NZMS outdoor code

  6. Firearm safety: We want to ensure you and your mates return from the Wapiti block.
    Go to

  7. First Aid tips

Resources supplied by NZ Mountain Safety Council

Agree to terms and continue

(Tick here to agree) By checking this box I confirm that I have read, understood and ensured all members of my party have also read all the above and linked information.

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